School of Commerce and Business Management is very thrilled to announce that under Department of Commerce – Marketing Fiesta – A Week Long Initiative on Marketing was organized, which covered different marketing activities under host of Marketing, for S.Y.B.Com students from 31/07/2023 to 05/08/2023.

Following Activities were conducted under the Event:

31/7/2023  –  Ad Making and Logo Designing
01/08/2023 – Marketing Quiz
02/08/2023 – Presentation on Unsung Women Entrepreneur
03/08/2023 – Case Study on Nike/Mama Earth/Sugar Cosmetics
04/08/2023 – Role Play on Consumer Decision Making
05/08/2023 – Debate on Celebrity Endorsements/Influencer Marketing/Gen Z vs Baby Boomers idea of Marketing.

The whole event had a favorable  and commendatory outcome as the students exhibited different skills and proficiency with regards to Creativity, Imagination, Critical thinking, Team Building, Collaboration Skills, Resource management.

The Event turned out to be triumphantly successful and garnered great feedback and compliments from everyone!

The Whole idea was conceptualized and executed by Ms Madhulika Singh – Asst Professor in Commerce with  guidance and support from Hon’ble Provost Dr. Daxesh Thakar, Dean of SCBM Dr. Abhilasha Agarwal and HOD of Commerce Dr. Nanda Bothra.


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