• Minimum 75% attendance is compulsory in each subject in each semester, failing which the student will not be eligible to write the university examination at the end of each semester.
  1. All students are bound to wear prescribed university uniforms and carry their university Identity Cards daily on the campus. Anybody found without prescribed uniforms or Identity Cards, will not be allowed to attend the classes and will be liable to severe penalty.
  2. Students are directed to take maximum benefit of the University Knowledge Centre (Library) & Computer Lab. Silence should be maintained at both places. All students should strictly follow the rules of Knowledge Centre & Computer Lab.
  3. The norms regarding the election/selection of university students’ council, university test examination or other educational and curricular activities which are in force at present or implemented in future, will be binding to the students as per the rules of Vanita Vishram Women’s University.
  4. All the norms for educational progress, disciplinary actions, and admission process of the college for students will be binding to the guardians also and will be taken as their consent.
  5. Bringing Electronic gadgets, cell phones, digital diaries will not be allowed in the university campus (gadgets will be confiscated and the students will be fined). The students who do not maintain discipline or indulge in inappropriate addictions of any kind would be suspended.
  6. Students, who remain absent in the class due to illness of any kind, should submit medical certificate.
  7. All students should submit written application in the admin office to obtain necessary certificates.
  8. Students will be dismissed if they try to misuse the name and reputation of the university.
  9. Students are required to read the notices put on the notice board & university website regularly.
  10. Students should not create any hindrance in the activities of the university, inside or outside the classroom. Their co-operation for making the university environment cheerful is solicited.
  11. Students will not be allowed to call or invite any outsider in the university premises.
  12. The university address should not be used for personal correspondence.
  13. If a student is found misbehaving or irregular or fails to show any improvement, necessary actions will be taken against her by the Principal.
  14. Within one year of passing the University examination, the student shall personally collect the Original Certificates. After that period, the college will not be responsible for the same.
  15. Ragging in the university premises is a punishable offence. Strict actions will be taken if any student is found committing or abetting the crime of ragging.
  16. It is compulsory to wear helmet for the students coming on two wheelers.
  17. The decision of the registrar will be final and binding to the students in all matters.


Vanita Vishram Women’s University (VVWU) is the First-ever Women’s University of Gujarat approved under Public-Private-Partnership with the Government of Gujarat under the Gujarat Private Universities Act, 2009. VVWU is committed to provide quality education and employment opportunities to its girl students through its revamped curriculum and pedagogy. The focus is on prioritizing practical component and experiential learning supported through academia-industry linkages, functional MoUs, skill development training, internships etc. It aims at providing opportunities to the girl students for holistic development and self-reliance.