1. It’s matter of pride for us that Surat Jilla Panchayat has invited and allotted an Evaluation Survey of Innovation Pilot Project to the Food Science & Nutrition Department. This project is being carried out by the ICDS department of Surat Jilla Panchayat since Aug – 2019. The objective of the project is to increase Hemoglobin level in pregnant women and teenager girls. This project is being carried out in 56 anganwadi of Mahuva taluka of Surat district.

    The FSN Department has been invited to conduct a third party survey of execution and the outcome of the project. The survey is being done by a team of faculties of FSN Department and volunteer students. Following are the members of the team:

    Dr. Manisha Vyas – Principal investigator

    Dr. V. N. Solanki

    Mrs. Minakshi Tripathi

    Mrs. Meena Raja

    Dr. Shilpee Agrawal

    Ms. Richa Thakkar

    Students as volunteers

    Sweta Sangani

    Rutvi Gadhiya

    Hetvi Pandya

    Shivani Vispute

    A report on the survey will be submitted to The Program Officer, Innovation Pilot Project.

    Heartiest Congratulations to the entire team!!!


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