Dr. Daxesh Thakar


Vanita Vishram Women’s University

“There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise”

— W.E.B Dubois

It gives me immense pleasure to be associated with an institute that  works for empowering young girls in becoming educated and skilled citizens of the nation ever since its inception.

An institution that stands in the heart of Surat city and has seen the city develop in leaps and bounds. I really wonder how many generations must have heard the name of Vanita Vishram in the last 115 years!! The vision and mission of the institute are not only distinct and unique but also makes me feel like a proud Indian.

Our constitution grants equal rights and opportunities to all the citizens of the nation, this very idea of liberty, equality and fraternity is experienced and sensed in our own campus. 

We not only educate young girls but also promise to make them skill oriented and economically independent. The country needs institutions like this to put forward the idea of an equal society.

A society that shall thrive to respect women is only possible when women understand their own worth and educate themselves. Women must come forward in all walks of lives to establish a developed society.

With this thought I extend a warm welcome to the first batch of the first ever Women’s University of Gujarat, Vanita Vishram Women’s University.

Vanita Vishram Women’s University aims to impart excellent education and training, based on the foundation of front-line research and inventions. We strive to introduce an advanced teaching learning methodology wherein, teaching becomes learning centric rather than teaching centric. Round the year many extra-curricular activities are planned to develop the societal and team-building skills of students.

We firmly believe in being well-equipped to set high-standards and create an environment that helps people associated to the University, excel in their areas of interest.

Dr. Daxesh Thakar


Vanita Vishram Women’s University (VVWU) is the First-ever Women’s University of Gujarat approved under Public-Private-Partnership with the Government of Gujarat under the Gujarat Private Universities Act, 2009. VVWU is committed to provide quality education and employment opportunities to its girl students through its revamped curriculum and pedagogy. The focus is on prioritizing practical component and experiential learning supported through academia-industry linkages, functional MoUs, skill development training, internships etc. It aims at providing opportunities to the girl students for holistic development and self-reliance.