School of Commerce and Business Management is exuberant to announce that under Department of Commerce – Digital Detox Day – Disconnect to Connect was organized on 26th August 2023 from 7.30 am to 1 pm in Shiv Gauri Hall.

The whole objective behind the event was to make students refrain from using devices connected to Internet and to ensure minimum screen time and making them aware about using screen devices only for crucial and meaningful work.

All the students  had a Digital Free day and participated in various activities like Meditation, Chanting’s, Geeta Verses, Manifestation, Games, Quizzes, Nukkad Natak, Art, Theatre, Music – Instrumental and Vocals & Stand up Comedy, all the activities kept the students highly energized and electrified throughout the day and made them mindful and sensible about living life without being too much dependent on Digital Devices!

The whole event had a commending and enthusiastic outcome as the students exhibited varied skills like Active Listening, Collaborative, Communicative, Creative, Social intelligence, Teamwork and Prominent Interpersonal Skills

The Event turned out to be triumphantly successful and garnered great feedback and compliments from everyone!

The Whole concept was ideated and curated by Ms Madhulika Singh – Asst Professor in Commerce with  guidance and support from Hon’ble Provost Sir Dr Daxesh Thakar, Dean of SCBM Dr Abhilasha Agarwal and HOD of Commerce Dr Nanda Bothra.


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