Anti-sleep Goggles: Remarkable Development by the students of B.C.A.

Remarkable Research and Development of S. Y. B.C.A. students!

Ms. Ashiti Rasik Variya, Ms. Nency Ashvin Vargasiya, Ms. Janvi Prakash Virani, Ms. Tanvi Nilesh Tank, Ms. Disha Pankaj Vasoya, Ms. Iliza Sanjay Thumar, and Ms. Krishna Paresh Varya – the students of S. Y. B.C.A., School of Science & Technology have designed and developed “Anti-Sleep Goggles” for the benefit of four-wheel drivers during night.

These specially designed goggles are to be worn as regular spectacles while driving. Its sensor detects the movement of eyelashes of the driver. If the eyelashes remain closed for more than 5 second which means that the driver is feeling sleepy and the goggles start vibrating to alert the driver.

This device can be a saviour for the drivers and the passengers who drive during nights. It is extremely useful during those critical moments when accidents happen due to sleepiness of the drivers while using this device major accidents can be averted.
Further, the use of Anti-Sleep Goggles can be extended to prevent sleepiness among people engaged in occupations that demand continuous attention such as operating machinery. The goggles use a number of methods, such as eye- tracking technology, sensors, and alerts, to identify sleepiness/ drowsiness and give the user timely warnings.

The entire project has been carried out under the guidance of Dean Dr. Nirali Dave, Professors Dr. Dikshan Shah and Dr. Hemangini Patel

The members of the management of Vanita Vishram, Surat Dr. Daxesh Thakar, Dr. R. D. Patel, Registrar and the entire staff of the university have congratulated the students and have wished them great success for their bright future.


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