Assistant Professor

Dr Ratnakar R. Chitte


Assistant Professor


Post doc, Ph.D  (Microbiology)

Additional Qualification/ Certification

Achievement/ Recognition

Young Scientist travel fellowship from IUBMB, UK

Scientist of the year

Travel Grant from DST


17 Years of experience in research and teaching

Area of Interest

Extremophiles, Macromolecules isolation and characterization



Vanita Vishram Women’s University (VVWU) is the First-ever Women’s University of Gujarat approved under Public-Private-Partnership with the Government of Gujarat under the Gujarat Private Universities Act, 2009. VVWU is committed to provide quality education and employment opportunities to its girl students through its revamped curriculum and pedagogy. The focus is on prioritizing practical component and experiential learning supported through academia-industry linkages, functional MoUs, skill development training, internships etc. It aims at providing opportunities to the girl students for holistic development and self-reliance.