Inauguration of Central Library and Laboratories

Vanita Vishram Women’s university is the first Women’s University of Gujarat established in 2021. The Vanita Vishram Women’s University organized the inauguration of its exclusive Central Library and Microbiology & Biotechnology laboratory on 4th September, 2023.

It was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chairman Shri Kriplani T. Desai and Vice –Chairman Shri Pravin T. Vora.

The Central Library of the university has an area of 8000 square feet. It has more than 22000 books in its repository. The Microbiology & Biotechnology laboratory are fully furnished with state of art modern equipment and facilities.

The Inaugural was attended by renowned academicians like Dr. Bhaskar Raval, Dr. V. D. Naik, Dr. Apurva Desai along with the Secretary, Vanita Vishram, Surat Mr. M. C. Desai. The dignitaries were welcomed by Registrar, Dr. R. D. Patel and Deans of all Faculties of the university. The dignitaries were briefed about the Central Library and Laboratories by Hon’ble Provost Dr. Daxesh Thakar.

The Vanita Vishram Management announced to purchased books worth 25,00,000 lakhs for its students. The Hon’ble Provost motivated the students to make the most of the facilities at the library and acknowledged the support of the Vanita Vishram Management.

The inaugural was organized by the encouragement and support of the Hon’ble Provost Dr. Daxesh Thakar with great enthusiasm.


Vanita Vishram Women’s University (VVWU) is the First-ever Women’s University of Gujarat approved under Public-Private-Partnership with the Government of Gujarat under the Gujarat Private Universities Act, 2009. VVWU is committed to provide quality education and employment opportunities to its girl students through its revamped curriculum and pedagogy. The focus is on prioritizing practical component and experiential learning supported through academia-industry linkages, functional MoUs, skill development training, internships etc. It aims at providing opportunities to the girl students for holistic development and self-reliance.