Visit to Regional Forensic Science Laboratory

Visit to Regional forensic Science laboratory

Students of Dept. of Microbiology visited the Regional Forensic Science Laboratory. The visit has provided a comprehensive understanding of the intricate processes, advanced technologies, and dedicated professionals that contribute to the field of forensic science. Students witnessed the practical/on field application of science.

Students got an In-depth Knowledge of Forensic Techniques. The visit offered a firsthand look at the various forensic techniques used for analyzing different types of evidence. Witnessing DNA analysis, toxicology testing, fingerprint identification, trace evidence examination, and digital forensics demonstrated the complexity and precision required in each field. Students also get an idea on Integration of science and justice, multidisciplinary collaboration, importance of quality control, advanced technologies’ impact, educational and career insights, inspirational impact, etc. The visit was an eye-opening experience that broadened horizons and enriched knowledge about the world of forensic science.

The visit has provided a unique opportunity to gain insights into the fascinating world of forensic science and the crucial role it plays in the criminal justice system. Introduction to forensic science, instrumentation facility tour, demonstrations of techniques, discussion on live/ongoing cases at the facility, interaction with forensic experts, digital forensics and technology are the added advantages of the visit. The visit was coordinated by Dr. Swati Patel, Asst. Professor in Microbiology.


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