Walkathon on account of National Dietetics Day

On account of National Dietetics Day, a Walkathon was organized by Department of Food & Nutrition to create awareness about healthy diet. About 200 students of Department of Food & Nutrition and School of Science & Technology, staff members, Co-ordinators of Indian Dietetic Association Surat Club, IAPEN Surat Chapter, NSS students and various dietitians of Surat city enthusiastically participated in National Dietetics Day on 10 January 2023.

A grand celebration was held  where  a “Walkathon” and “Food Exhibition Cum Sale” was organized under the guidance of Provost, Dr. Daxesh Thakar, Dean and Head of the Department Dr. Manisha Vyas and faculty members. The inauguration ceremony was graced by Hon’ble Secretary of Vanita Vishram Mr. M.C. Desai, Ms. Pooja Chaurushi (Triathlon Winner of India) and RJ Meet.

With several slogans like “Anna Avo Odkar”, “Swasth Tan Swastha Man”, “Health is Wealth” “Swasthya khao tan Mann jagao”. The rally was started from the campus of the University. “Food exhibition cum sale” was organized at the main gate of Vishram, so that the citizens of the city could get nutritious food.

The main objective of this program was to create a healthy society by imparting nutrition information to the society.


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